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"Big Brother/Sister" Program

Activities - Big Brother Big SisterChildren with serious illnesses often undergo treatment requiring long, debilitating stays in a hospital or rehabilitation center. Even when the child returns home, he or she may need assistance. Parents can become overwhelmed by the constant care they must give their child, especially with other children at home. The staff and volunteers of Israel Special Kids Fund go to the hospitals to play with the children, run activities, read to them, feed them and give them help with their school work. They also visit their homes in order to help the children and their siblings, prepare meals and assist in therapy treatments. To physically and emotionally exhausted parents, the volunteers are literally lifesavers.



Celebrations and Events

During the holidays, we organize celebrations for children and their families, to give them a chance to appreciate their heritage and bond with others who are ill. These Chanukah, Purim and other holiday events are held in hospitals and rehabilitation centers throughout Israel. Professional entertainment, clowns, magicians, games, delicious food and special treats are standard, with a different theme for each holiday.

Israel Special Kids Fund also not only entertains the children during holidays or special events, but especially during the long periods in-between them. Our volunteers organize small-scale parties in the different hospital wards and departments during the entire year. We run arts and crafts, video and other programs, as well as birthday parties and bar/bat-mitzvah celebrations for all children.




Summer Camp

During the summer, we sponsor sleep-away camps for seriously ill and disabled children afflicted with a variety of illnesses. With campgrounds and programs tailored to meet our campers' needs and a staff-to-camper ratio of greater than 1:1, kids are ensured a summer they'll never forget. Each day is filled with recreational activities, swimming, amusement parks, water parks, jeep tours, air plane rides and boating. These sleep-away camps reduce the pressure on parents who must care for their child 24/7, and enables them to take advantage of several days of rest and relaxation for themselves.




Trips and Attractions

Sick children may benefit greatly from fresh air and physical activities compatible which their abilities. Israel Special Kids Fund organizes trips to the North, Eilat, and even Europe, Safari tours, tickets to professional basketball and soccer games and other outdoor activities, matching the special needs of the children. These activities contribute to the strengthening of connections between the children and the volunteers, and between the children themselves. Medical staff accompanies the children to most events.




Activities for Mothers of our Children

The mothers of our children with special needs are under incredible pressure 24/7 caring for their children, and rarely have the opportunity to rest or relax. During the year we organize evenings for these mothers to get together, where we treat them to dinner and run small group discussions to enable them to share common concerns with one another, with help from social workers and other professionals. We also invite a make up artist who treats each one to a facial makeover and free cosmetics.

We also organize a two-day spa trip as an extension of this program, which gives the women a much-needed vacation with full board, use of all spa facilities, a barbecue, discussion groups under the guidance of professionals and a boat ride on the Kineret.




Medical Clowns and Magicians

Professional medical clowns and magicians entertain children and families in various hospital wards and at various events on behalf of Israel Special Kids Fund. They bring smiles to the faces of all the children and take their minds off their pain and suffering.





Our Volunteers

Much of our organization's activity is possible because of hundreds of volunteers that regularly assist us with the children. From students to adults, our volunteers come from all parts of society and are the backbone of our organization. They receive thorough training before the beginning of their work, and close guidance throughout it to maximize their effectiveness.

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